I am Dr. Suha Kilani. I have been a clinical pharmacist for 10 years. I started making natural skin care products because I was looking for a solution myself. Be Natural Cosmetics are an amazing blend of essential oils and natural butters that will feed and nourishes your skin to bring out it's natural beauty. They are made from simple honest ingredients. Free of chemicals and dye. It all started years ago after I got frustrated with my own skin. I have so many allergies and a very dry skin. I tried so may products from cheap to the most expensive, but it kept getting worst. Adding to that my daughter was born with eczema, a very dry skin condition, that caused her skin to peel and bleed at times. Even prescription medications did not help. Being a single mom, an animal lover, and a health conscious pharmacist gave me the motivation to look for something that would really work.  
I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, especially after having 2 sisters with cancer. I didn't want to use chemicals and additives that my skin will absorb into my blood stream. I wanted natural ingredients that will not harm my body. Also, my mom was a huge influence in my life. She was a nurse and she was into natural medicine. I hated it when I was little. The kids used to tease me in school about my mom being a witch because she used herbs to treat people. I grew up in Lebanon where I lived by the beach. Natural was just the normal way of life. All that had changed. These days we have to be very careful of what we eat and use. Even when  products have the word natural, it's not really is. Many products are full of chemicals and preservatives that can be harmful to use and cause cancer. What's more important in the industry is the feel and the look of the product to make it more desirable for the consumer. Now I am honored to follow in my mom's footsteps. She would've been proud.
I use a blend of pure essential oils and raw butters that helped many of my friends and family. I was getting amazing results and  I finally got the courage to share it with everyone. I really hope it makes a difference for you too!  My products are so natural that it has to be stored in a dark glass containers to preserve it's potency and protect it from light. My ingredients come from certified wholesale suppliers. I can only make small batches at a time to insure longer shelf life. Sometimes I will require extra time to get products to you due to availability of fresh ingredients. So order ahead of time. This is going to be an amazing journey...